About us Learn more about 'Haus Bergblick' and family Reep-Stern

A few years ago HAUS BERGBLICK did not even exist. The building itself was built in the1980s as a house for one or two families. Not yet finished, it was put up for sale in 2008.
Meanwhile, we had been creating a vision. We – Frans Reep with my wife Anna Stern and our son Robert – still lived in the Netherlands at the time. Forced out of employment by two terribly herniated discs, we had to create a new source of income. Due to our home-sickness and longing for beautiful Austria with its good and high-quality food and friendly people, we decided to return to Austria.
As nature-lovers, we preferred to live outside of the city. In addition, there were comments of friends and acquaintances stating: “That’s great, then we can come visit you and enjoy a vacation.” Therefore we kept our eyes open for a large house which also offered enough space for us and visitors – hence the idea of offering private rooms for guests.
We found this multi-family house in these wonderful surroundings perfect for our plans. It was a major effort to sell our house abroad and pack up and move here. First, our floor was adapted. Next we expanded the apartment on the lower floor. As a gift from heaven, we had the help of an Indonesian from the Netherlands for a few months. Then, the upper floor was expanded with joy and enthusiasm. The two existing rooms were renovated and appointed with solid wood furniture.
In 2009 friends from the Netherlands and Australia came as our first guests. Meanwhile, further renovation continued. Floor heating and partitioning walls were installed on the guest floor. Thus, a kitchen, comfortable rooms with sanitary facilities and a single room were created. Everything was made and decorated with skill and careful attention to detail.
Private room rental agencies classified us with two suns. “Well, unfortunately not all rooms are equipped with a private toilet, otherwise we would have given you three suns. It’s nice and cosy, another sun would be appropriate, but the rules only allow two.”
Come and see for yourself how much you enjoy staying with us. We look forward to your visit.